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Most people tell me, "Oh, I couldn't foster, I could never give them up!"
At one point, I thought the same.

       I remember picking up our first foster, Wilbur.  He was a big white Shepherd mix.

A million thoughts crossed my mind;

                                                                         "Am I doing the right thing?"

     "Will our own pets feel neglected?"

                                                                                                      "Will they all get along?" 


       In the beginning I felt like I betrayed their trust by letting them go, and I still shed many tears wen our fosters get adopted.  Though we invest our time and love with every pet we foster, some still leave bigger paw prints on my heart than others.  I love fostering.  I know that I make a difference, because with every pet that walks in and out of our home, another life has been saved.  Not every pet arrives smiling, but we try our best to start their journey for a better life.  It's true, fostering isn't for everyone, but I never regret giving it a try and I have been fostering for 15 years. 


It turns out, that becoming a foster was the BEST decision I'd made in a long time!

- Marion


When you foster all supplies, food, vet visits are provided by Trevor's Animal Rescue.  You provide love and care for the animals to grow and adjust before they are adopted. 

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